The best of real estate, for all your projects.

Access first the best real estate opportunities in real time*

* SCAN.IMMO finds properties with a gross capital gain above 40%, or with a gross profitability above 40% - and a lot more.

Find easily your property

Whether it is for investment or your own house, find quickly and easily the property that meets your need, or your heart.

You define your own alert criteria according to your objectives for resale capital gain or rental yield.

SCAN.IMMO informs you in real time, as soon as a property meets your criteria in the selected location: no more searches for hours, no more risk to miss the unique opportunity, the property you are looking for is now in your mail box!

Tested and approved!

By following the SCAN.IMMO method, investments achieved within two years have allowed to generate gross capital-gain of more than 76% in average.

Those transactions, realized in 2021 and 2023, will not have seen light but for the alliance of technological mastery and real estate expertise, which are both offered to you by SCAN.IMMO.

It works!

AI at the service of real estate investment and efficient searches

new ads are being analyzed each day, in France
+ 50,000
of the real estate market, in real time
ads and real estate transactions
40 million

A technological platform

To scan, analyze and find the good deals

Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from a cutting-edge technology, allowing to scan in real time millions of results and prices, understand the market dynamics and identify the quickest as possible the best buying opportunities.

Machine Learning

Our cutting-edge, analytical system allows to qualify precisely all the real estate properties and identify only the best one. Handling the quantity to offer you the quality. With this option, you can no longer miss an opportunity. SCAN.IMMO works for you.

Capital-gain comparison and profitability

Counting on innovative tools, you can access the best deals currently on the market, based on the price/ft², the potential capital-gain in case of buying or reselling, and even the potential yield in case you decide to put the property for rent.

Permanent watch

We analyze in real time the real estate market in order to inform you immediately whenever a new add meets your search criteria.

An efficient real estate watch, conceived for real estate professionals as well as individuals.

More than 50,000 ads analyzed each day for you and compared to your search alerts.

Adapted packs

Whatever your profil is, whether an individual or a real estate professional, whether you are a beginner annuitant or an experienced investor, you will find the right pack for you.

There are no bad surprises, all our packs are without commitment: you can unsubscribe at any time, or change your pack whenever you want.


Besides detecting the relevant ads in exclusivity, you can be supported by real experts in your evaluation, digitalisation or reinvention of your profession (if you are a real estate professional) by IA.

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Access the best deals in real time


SCAN.IMMO was founded to provide reliable information and precise evaluations to individuals as well as professional investors.

By putting artificial intelligence to the service of real estate data, we allow us to access to the best buying opportunities currently on the market.

Our technology granularity and the access to the critical performance metrics allow to make better informed buying decisions.

A cutting-edge technology

Our platform collects, analyses and transforms in real time the entirety of the available data from the real estate ecosystem, in order to offer a complete and decisional tool, precise in terms of transaction, negotiation, rental and property investment.

Meet our team of experts

SCAN.IMMO was born from the thinking and work of engineers and entrepreneurs from the real estate sector, all experts in their domain, in order to offer a unique and highly intelligent picture of the real estate landscape.

Artificial intelligence
to serve your real estate project

A unique technology to identify in real time all the properties for sale, understand the market dynamics, benchmark a property, understand its history, price evolution and get access to all the informations in order to make an informed decision before buying.

Capital-gain and profitability comparison

In a few clicks and leveraging its compelling algorithms, SCAN.IMMO reveals the properties potential capital-gain and their profitability.

It continuously aggregates all the available sale sources and compares the market prices with sales databases managed by the state.

Price per ft² in real time

The instantaneous actualization of all the identified ads from the main real estate portals allows SCAN.IMMO to pulse check the market in real time.

By benefiting from real estate evaluations closer to the current market dynamics, you will access a better knowledge of the potential capital-gain and of the profitability of properties currently for sale.

Potential rental yield

In addition to the market price, SCAN.IMMO also offers a precise evaluation of the rents from its access to the entirety of real estate rental ads.

Having access to the potential rental yield, calculated beforehand, allows to maximise the investiment and to take a better and more informed buying decision.

Patrimonial investment

SCAN.IMMO is both for real estate professionals and for individuals wanting to make patrimonial investments. Indeed, our innovative solution allows both the professionals and the individuals to identify the best opportunities on the market and to access interesting capital-gains and important yields.

The best capital-gain and profitability in real-time, all-over France and a few clicks away!